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Online Home Warranty Claim Form

Schooner Bay Builders Warranty Department is not an emergency service. Warranty Claims will be responded to within Schooner Bay Builders' normal business hours of Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. For emergencies related to plumbing, septic, electric, or HVAC, homeowners should contact the respective companies listed within their Schooner Bay Builders Home Warranty Folder. In emergency situations only, when Schooner Bay Builders subcontractors are unavailable, homeowners are encouraged to hire the appropriate service provider. All payments or reimbursements for services supplied by any vendor will require documented proof (photos, video, licensed contractor written opinion, Schooner Bay Builders inspection) the issue was a defect covered under Schooner Bay Builders Warranty. Homeowners shall take appropriate steps to limit any further damage.

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If this pertains to a heating/cooling, electrical, plumbing, well system, septic system, or one of your appliances, have you called the corresponding service company (contact information within Schooner Bay Builders Home Warranty Folder)?
By submitting your warranty claim, you acknowledge you have received a Schooner Bay Builders Home Warranty Folder provided at either the property final walk-through, closing or Certificate of Occupancy issuance. You acknowledge that you read through the information provided within the Schooner Bay Builders Home Warranty Folder before submitting this warranty claim for your new home. You acknowledge that this is a warranty claim for your home at the address given above. Please note that all warranty claims have to be submitted using this form. Multiple warranty items can be submitted on one form as long as you include a detailed description of each item. Please do not submit any request directly to Schooner Bay Builders by phone, email or in person.